The Visual Work of Mauricio Cremer

Tobala Mezcaleria

As the Aztec legend goes, goddess Mayahuel (ruler of both fertility and the agave plant) was impregnated the god Patecatl who protects the fermented sap, or pulque of the agave. She gave birth to the Centzon Totochtin or 400 Rabbits, who were nurtured on pulque from her many breasts, and grew into the gods of drunkenness. These divine rabbits travel through the land, frequent festivals and gatherings and deliver the gift of drunkenness to the people, with each Rabbit representing the different ways in which a person can experience intoxication.

Tobala is a Mezcaleria in east Austin, above Whisler’s that keeps the legend of the 400 Rabbits alive. I was approached by the bar to create a new look that paid homage to that legend. The project centered around illustration and custom typography. Photography by Mark Weatherford.

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